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Agrimagic operational rental

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Agrimagic has concluded an agreement with the most famous Renting companies to be able to sell the machines with an operating lease agreement with final redemption. 


As an operating rental business, Agrimagic communicates your name with all operational and tax data to the Bank, which will contact you immediately. Operational rental (or leasing, or renting) allows the customer to use an asset without owning it and without undertaking to purchase it at the end of the contract, with a series of interesting advantages:


• Allows to deduct the fees for IRES purposes without obligations deriving from the minimum duration of the contract envisaged by the T.U.


• It allows you to totally deduct the fees for IRAP purposes, without distinguishing between capital and interests. The interest portion implicit in the rent (not divisible as that of financial leasing as a "service" and not "loan") does not cumulate for IRES purposes (non-deductible interest over 30% of the EBITDA).


• The asset used is not an asset for the customer, and therefore having it out of the balance sheet reduces the level of fixed assets.


• Simplifies administrative management (less invoices, no depreciation and asset register). Proportionally to the redemption value guaranteed by the supplier, often closer to a predictable market value at the end of the lease, it pays lesser fees than a lease / loan.


• Simplifies the management of ancillary services: insurance, maintenance and any consumables can be included in the fees.

There are two annual payment methods with the following monthly instalments:

- 24-month rental

- 36-month rental

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